My current work is an exploration of the balance between calm peace and quiet and exciting activity and energy. Too much of either can be destructive, so what is a desirable combination for a work of art — or for my life?

Because I am searching when I paint, I work with materials that have an immediacy — graphite, soft pastel, watercolor, and acrylic paint.


My university degree in art and career as a graphic designer has provided experience with visual communication. Studies of anatomy and botany have further enriched my art. My work has been influenced by instruction from Jacqueline Saunders, Robert Liberace, Margaret Dyer, and Charles Reid. Studies with Skip Lawrence, Marsha Steiger and Tory Cowles have supported the development of my abstract art.

Among the juried exhibitions I regularly participate in are those at The Art League of Alexandria, Glenview Manision, Washington ArtWorks, Strathmore Arts Center, and the Yellow Barn—all in the metropolitan Washington DC area.